2B, or not 2B?*

I went back to do some more life drawing this week. I chose a chair rather than using the easel which felt more much more natural. I also had an eagerness to get started that was stifled by my nerves the previous time.

I had a few aims:

  1. Be quicker.
  2. Position the model on the paper properly.
  3. Tackle the feet, hands and head.

Starting the drawing was far quicker this time and I allowed myself the time to loosely plan where the model would be positioned on the paper in the first 20 mins. So far so good.

Loosely planning the position of the model was something that I was told to do by a youtube video on this amazing channel by Jeff Watts - https://www.youtube.com/user/wattsatelier

It seem obvious now but last week I didn't spend the few minutes that it takes to do this and ended up with a small drawing stuck near the top of the sheet of paper. Novice.

Aim 3 was almost achieved but I’ll need much more practice to get this right. They’re all there but fingers, toes and finesse are most certainly not. Hands and feet have been a challenge throughout my career and is a bane to many artists which is why I’m going to start practicing drawing hands and feet at home.

Exhibit 2B

All in all, I was happy with the way this session went and all of my aims were met, albeit to differing degrees of success.

*Oh yeah, I used a 2B pencil.